Castle Mountain is the perfect spot to develop a healing and spiritual center anchored with a resort hotel, 5-star spa and conference center. It has the kind of Ch‘i, Qi, Ki, Prana that amplifies auric, telluric and cosmic frequencies for when meditating and healing.


Create a Retreat at Castle Mountain

Unleash the power of your own immune system to balance your body, mind and soul and bring your cells and tissues back to their default frequencies.

Enjoy meditation by the deep pond reservoirs that hold spring water channeled from the mountain. Five megalithic stone waterfalls amp-up the flow of negative ions, connect and fill the ponds with Ch‘i, water, healing sound and visual beauty.

Besides sounding and looking great, the tumbling water creates kinetic energy. This provides electromagnetic field activation by increasing the life enhancing negative ion generation and flow of Ch‘i into the immediate environment. It is a wonderful place to meditate and be creative.

The Genius Loci

The Genius Loci, the spiritual entity of Castle Mountain, is healing. Castle Mountain is a great place to do Ch‘i Gung, heal and perform the dance of your soul.

At daybreak and dusk the cosmos comes alive as you watch Heaven and Earth meet. You can observe and absorb Earth Ch‘i, which is visible just above the horizon at sunset. After your dance, enjoy the peacefulness of the setting Sun as it stimulates and nurtures the desire to relax.

The awareness of the rich electromagnetic fields created by the Ch‘i from the cosmos and the megalithic rocks and waterfalls, the collecting lakes and ponds and the cleansing, ionic air elements of Castle Mountain will help you to become one with Nature

Castle Mountain — Own It

Castle Mountain is located just outside the picturesque village of Stamford in the Town of Jefferson, New York and is only 2.5 hours away by car from one of the greatest cities in the world—New York City.

Known as the Queen of the Catskills since the early 1900s, this location is perfectly situated for the world traveler and a great place to put your Castle in the Sky.

Only seventy-five minutes from the Albany International Airport, 40 minutes from the Oneonta Municipal Airport, or build your own landing strip on a deeded right-of-way air strip next to Castle Mountain or land a helicopter right on Castle Mountain wherever you want


You will feel empowered by the micro-sources of your energy field and the macro sources of Earth and cosmic fields as you acknowledge the Genius Loci of Castle Mountain and surrender to the currents of cosmic law and connect to the healing Ch‘i of the Universe.


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According to the town historian, back in the 1920s, locals discovered iron ore on Castle Mountain and because of mining operations back then, Castle Mountain was originally called Mine Mountain.

Doctor Jang Chang Yi, a well-known acupuncturist and herbalist from Korea who lives in Queens, New York, did a spiritual survey of the mountain before purchasing a beautiful 60-acre track and found ley lines running across the mountain with nodes of strong vortex energies that enhance meditation and healing.

Castle Mountain has unusual vibrational and magnetic fields, which show whorls and energetic resonance effects. Similar to the mysterious force that affects navigation equipment in places like the Bermuda Triangle and Devil’s Triangle off the coast of Japan, a compass will not give accurate readings of magnetic North on Castle Mountain. This is due to the iron ore embedded in the crystalline mountain rock that modulates its magnetic properties.

Reflecting ancient traditions, Castle Mountain is situated alongside four serene lakes, between two other mountains, six flowing and reflecting ponds, a cave, streams and the headwaters of the Delaware River, conjoining underground rivers and five flowing megalithic stone waterfalls.

The natural and artificially designed configurations are enhanced by the high wind-swept mountains and the strong electromagnetic polarity of the negative ions in the air that make Castle Mountain an ideal environment in which to live.

The power spots of Castle Mountain set up an electrostatic field phenomenon similar to a psychotronic generator that interacts with the underlying electrical energy of the human energy field to bring about spiritual transformations for people who meditate here. These fields are instantly noticeable to energy masters from around the world and they love to tap into them during their visit. Winters are great too! The humidity is so low that it is very comfortable and delightful when the Sun shines when there is no wind.

Deep-breathe the fresh air and feel the spirit of Castle Mountain. Exercise to stay grounded and practice Ch‘i Gung on top of the mountain, by the ponds and in the cave at Castle Mountain. The air is delicious, nutritious and charged with negative ions as is the air at the seashore, by running water, caves and during hurricanes. But because of the 2800 ft elevation, the air is not heavy with moisture and is crisp and dry.

At Castle Mountain, breathing in two or three negative ions to one positive ion is not uncommon. Both the positive and negative ions are vibrating entities and create tiny pulses of static electricity. Crisp, is a word that describes air with a charge. When immersed in the high Ch‘i environment at Castle Mountain, the negative ions are naturally drawn to the pores of the skin, the fingertips, the eyes and the ends of the meridians replenishing Ch‘i to cells, tissues and organs. Even without the extra effort of conscious breathing, Ch‘I Gung or meditation, better air quality and the increased volume of negative ions in the fresh air at Castle Mountain will heighten the body's Ch‘i intake, which enhances health and longevity.


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